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Sara K.

Each team member listens to the story of the horse's struggles and customizes a session each visit - not just at the initial session.  It is a partnership in my horse's well-being.

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Lee Ann K.

Ziggy enjoying her Equi-Librium Therapy Session. Bet your horse would appreciate a session too!! Laura Corsentino is Ziggy’s certified pulse therapist.

Kristin Young.jpeg

Kristen Y.

They are truly the best.  Not your average massage therapists.  They are a cut above!!!   I consider them my horse’s massage therapist AND horse physical therapist.  The knowledge is exceedingly amazing!   My horse loves them!!!!

Kim Moore.jpeg

Kim M.

Michele Haman, Katie Van Tiflin McNeil and Laura Corsentino use a wonderful team approach to treatment and take their time working with their patients. They create a positive, calm experience and the therapies are incredibly beneficial.

Mary Sheerin.jpeg

Mary S.

Equi-Librium Therapy provides the most thorough and thoughtful physiotherapy services! Whether it is a routine appointment or working on a targeted issue Equi-Librium creates a positive impact on the horses both physically and mentally! All of the horses of Hermitage Farm highly recommend Equi-Librium!

Danielle Doth.jpeg

Danielle D.

Michele was just so kind and patient with my dog Blue. I was so amazed and pleased on how much loved the treatment, very high energy dog fell asleep not even half way into

It. Equi-librium Therapy is a top notch service.

Kristin Young.jpeg

Ellie C.

She really helped with the symmetry of my horses and has improved their stretch and connection into the bridle considerably. I'm very relieved to know my horses are getting customized attention they need to improve and strengthen. Hip Hip Hurray!

Jacob Arnold.jpeg

Jacob A.

Equi-librium has been a game-changer for my barn. Competing in FEI Combined Driving Events puts an enormous strain on horses both psychically and mentally, and with Michele and Nicole’s help we were able to represent the United States at the recent Single Horse World Championships! Equi-librium’s commitment to improving their patients each and every visit is second to none and I highly recommend them.

Joyce Lebo.jpeg

Joyce L.

My boy is older, he got so relaxed he just spread his legs all out and and was ready to fall asleep. he loved it!

Paul Boland.jpeg

Paul B.

Michele is awsome! Michele's work with my older Hanoverian dressage horse have been nothing short of remarkable! I have used many alternative methods over the years and Michele's work produces the best results of any method by far. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, ethical and dedicated in restoring her patients to a balanced, comfortable, athletic state. I highly recommend her! Paul Boland, Certified Rider Biomechanics Coach

JERI METHENY_edited.jpg

Catherine M.

A gift certificate? It took a gift certificate from a friend for my horse to have a massage from Michele during the American eventing Championships in Texas for me to try massage therapy for my horses. My gelding wasn’t sore, he wasn’t injured. He was always rock solid and very competitive. Little did I know what he wasn’t able to tell me. I could tell a difference immediately upon getting on him. He was relaxed, more fluid and supple than he had ever been. A massage the day before our dressage test, competing against the best in the country, some of which are CIC**** riders and Olympic veterans, gave us the BEST dressage test ever and landed in the top 10 after dressage!!! If I had only done this sooner for him, and for all of my athletes. I now use Equi-Librium therapy on a routine schedule to optimize our training efforts by keeping the horses feeling their best, before they have the chance to become sore. Michele now comes to my barn regularly to maintain our horses through fascia release massage. Happy horses = Happy riders.

Cathy Christopher.jpeg

Cathy C.

Michele Haman saved my 19 year old Kentucky Mountain Horse's life!  We'd been together since she was 3. She kept trying, but just could not get her back legs under her and refused to work to the left.  I'd tried everything. Then a barn mate suggested Michele. MIRACLE! Neither of us will ever regain our former athleticism but we can enjoy our old age together. Thanks Michele!

laura pemf1.png

Testimonial for Laura


Back in late March, I noticed a lump on my horse’s spine.  It was fairly large spot and warm to the touch.  Weather conditions had prevented me from riding him, so this lump was troubling as it didn’t correlate to my riding or a poor fitting saddle.   My horse, a 20 year old Quarter Horse named Jack was clearly in pain.  I immediately called the vet.  She conducted a thorough exam; and we decided to send blood work to test for lyme disease, started treatment with cool compresses to reduce the swelling and a regimen of bute.  We also requested the assistance of our chiropractic vet and massage therapist.  The blood work was negative for lyme disease and while these treatment strategies (chiropractic adjustment and massage) were helpful, the lump did not disappear and the horse continued to be in pain.  Our massage therapist had worked with Laura, was familiar with PEMF and suggested I contact her.  Laura was able to schedule time for Jack.  At first, he was not sure about the equipment, but Laura was very soft spoken and gentle… she was able to build trust and conducted a successful PEMF session.  The next day, I noticed an improvement in Jack’s overall demeanor.  He was more active in the field with my other horse and certainly more flexible in the arena.  Two weeks later, Laura returned for another session.  THIS WAS A DEFINING MOMENT.  Jack was not anxious about the equipment and was very relaxed as Laura began.  He quickly started licking, chewing and yawning.  Clearly, he knew, Laura was going to help him.  The second session was even more successful.  I am happy to report, this horse is now being ridden with great flexion to the left and right.  He is able to make smaller circles in both directions, the lump has virtually disappeared and the pain is gone.  We will continue to monitor this area of his back and WE WILL CERTAINLY CONTINUE WITH THE PEMF SESSIONS!

Jackie H.

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